The super maxi Icap Maximus is well ahead of round island monohull record 3/8/06

With winds gusting up to 30kts this morning the race officers at Skandia Cowes Week wisely decided to postpone racing for three hours in hope that the condition would abate sufficiently enough to run at least some racing.

In the meantime the crew from the Greg Elliot-designed New Zealand supermaxi Icap Maximus were rubbing their hands with glee knowing there was enough breeze for a round the island record attempt.

So in the potential record-breaking conditions Charles St Clair Brown’s charged up super-racer crossed the startline at precisely 11.17.26 this morning heading off at speed on an easterly direction towards the Needles. The wind still gusting up to 30kts from the north-west made the going tough but there was no stopping Team Maximus in their quest to beat the current monohull record of 4h, 8m, 55s set by Mike Slade on Leopard in 2001.

It took her approximately 40 minutes to reach the Needles, one hour 30 minutes to reach St Catherine’s Point, and current estimated time of arrival of Maximus at Bembridge Ledge is 1337. If all goes well Maximus is set to break the record. St Clair Brown chatting from the boat on the approach to Bembridge Ledge said: “Wow, it’s just amazing out here and so far we’re on target for the record. We’ve currently go 15-16kts of wind. The wind is heading us now which means we’re on the wind but it should help us as we round the eastern point? see you soon.”