Icap Maximus knocks spots off Leopard's round the island record. Smashed by 48 minutes 3/8/06

Icap Maximus, the 100ft Greg Elliott-designed supermaxi owned by Charles St Clair Brown and Bill Buckley and helmed by owner Charles St Clair Brown with Harold Cudmore acting as tactician has broken the Round the Isle of Wight, monohull, rule 5c record by a stunning 48min 46sec margin. The previous record held by Mike Slade’s Leopard was 4h 8m 55s set in 2001.

The super-fast maxi crossed the Cowes startline at 1117 this morning in north-westerly winds gusting up to 30kts. Although the wind, in both strength and direction, was ideal the sea state was decidedly rough but still Maximus powered down the Solent at ease reaching the Needles in just 40 minutes, one hour thirty minutes to reach St Catharine’s Point and she’s now just crossed the line at 14:37:35 which means she sailed the 50-mile course in 3h, 20m,9secs.

We will be catching up with Charles St Clair Brown or the Harold Cudmore when they arrive on shore. Keep an eye on yachtingworld.com for more news as it happens.