ABN Amro takes her fourth win of the week in IRC Class 0 and claim the prestigious Britannia Cup

Mike ‘Moose’ Sanderson and his VO70ABN Amro Oneseem unstoppable – in their fourth win in five days, theABN Amro Oneteam showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the IRC Class 0 fleet as they raced around the island today to claim the 2006 Britannia Cup with an emphatic 26 minute lead over second-place TP52Panthera.

Line honours went to Charles St Clair Brown in the Greg Elliott-designed 100ft supermaxiICAP Maximus, who crossed the line eight minutes ahead ofABN Amroand 50 minutes behind Mike Slade’s 2001 record to gain his first result of the week.