Jam donuts, working on tans, spinnaker mended and all's well on board

A fine day on the water once again and for a change, no foredeck work! The repaired kite has been flying beautifully, hiking us along at 9-10knots. There are reports of strong gusts 50k but apparently further to our north, hopefully we won’t see them! Fresh jam donuts for coffee break and dinner tonight, roast chicken and veg. Our tans are progressing nicely and the fridge is managing to hold out so the beers are staying cold. Tomorrow should see us at our half-way mark so the Moet is chilling! Position reports for our division are sketchy but from what we can gather we are up there with the fastest in group A cruising. Slang-wise, american-Anita has now discovered that she can “talk under wet cement with a mouthful of marbles”. Many jokes on board… if this is ocean cruising, give me more of it! Traci Ayris