Three quarters of the way there and paella for supper

The closer we get to the Caribbean the better the weather. We hoisted the asymmetrical kite this morning and have been travelling steady at around 10 knots in 15-20knot winds. Another day of lazing on the deck when off-watch and enjoying our time on the helm. We heard today that X-To-Sea is among the top ten boats in the fleet and running 4th or 5th in Cruising division A, whether the information is reliable given that a few boats haven’t forwarded their positions is beside the point, it sounded pretty good to us!

Onboard life is convivial, we are all enjoying the trip, especially when the weather is as good as we had today. Another idea of how well X-To-Sea is travelling came when we hailed a boat to starboard on the horizon, she had left the Canaries a week before us bound for St Lucia. Reminiscing about Spain prompted Anita to whip up paella for dinner tonight, with another bottle of red broken out to celebrate our three-quarter mark… any excuse, but one bottle between 8 doesn’t go too far!