Girls for sail settle in and food moves higher on their agenda

Position at 11.00 UTC 21.06.37N 023.04.53W November 28 2003

By now we seem to have settled into a state of domestic bliss. The chores of the day which include cooking, cleaning, washing, sleeping, playing games and yes, lest I forget, helming and generally sailing towards St Lucia completely fill the time. Fishing is now becoming more important as we are about to run out of fresh meat and the prospect of two weeks deciding how to cook spam is not very exciting. We caught lunch yesterday and very good it was too.

Several small dramas -we lost the top of one of our winches, which leaves with only (as I type a cry goes up from the stern of the boat – more lunch has just escaped our grasp) three, two of which are at the mast. We are now 8 wenches with only 3 winches.

L and S managed to run out of gas, back the main and snap the D ring holding the preventer at the beginning of the midnight watch. Well done girls! On a personal note S accused LA of having very smelly deck shoes. On investigating the bilge in their cabin they discovered 6 packs of shrink-wrapped mussels had ‘blown’ and the smell can only be described as straight from the cess pit. A salutary lesson, always keep your muscleinfos cool.

A still keeps us on course. A, our skipper, is still sulking because she can’t yet put up the spinnaker! Girls for Sail