WD40 to the rescue as Brendan West seizes up aboard ARC yacht Spirit of Juno

Salt water and artificial limbs don’t mix. Specifically, corrosion has a detrimental effect on the metal in knee joints causing them to seize.

My leg is suffering these symptoms causing me to do the Ministry of Silly Walks goose step around the deck. Skipper Colin, embarrassed for me, and well aware of my total lack of engineering talent decides to get the spanners out and sort it for me.

When I remarked that he is a bit of an engineering geek to which he replied “better than being a **** IT geek”, Nigel Smith wandered by and let out one of his now trademark walrus belches. Fair comment Nige.

It is a well known fact that IT people should only work in poorly lit areas of offices and only leave, or come to work when it is dark. That’s why most have the complexion of Casper the friendly ghost. Anyway Colin strips down the leg, Applies WD40 and I am up and running again.

Colin also repaired suction problem on Rob’s leg with a tube of something and a mastik gun.

Many thanks to Otto Bock and Dorset Orthopaedic for providing spares.