Brendan West says the lack of wind on day five of the ARC is making team Spirit of Juno go mad!

Date/time24 November 0920

position27.06N, 18.18W

Still becalmed and we are all going mad. We are trying to drive to boat but get between zero and 2 kts. A Pod of Killer Whales paid a visit and caused much excitement in the crew. A few more turtles ambled by. Down below it is smelly, sticky, hot and very difficult to sleep.

Frustration is evident with everyone. Sailing so far has been long periods of boredom interspersed with frantic activity. One bonus has been the pollution-free sky with Charley Streather acting as our guide. We are all rapidly becoming experts on heavens. Boredom, at one point reduced us to playing alphabetic animals, ie name all animals beginning a,b,c etc. Both fridges have failed and are beyond repair at sea. We are now all on the Atkins diet as we are in a race to eat all the meat before it goes off.

The crew largely remain well and infection free. Rob(see photo)has brought Little Ted on his travels again. Ted has visited most places in the world, but expressed a desire to sail. He says Hi to Team Little from FASD. His chum Desert Rat has escaped Blighty jumping boats to the Caribbean. Skipper Colin has confiscated all sharp objects and has broken out the Straight Jackets! They are a bit restricting, hot and make it difficult to type this report.

A Hint of wind coming in now…

Brendan West