Brendan West with the latest ARC news from aboard Spirit of Juno

We now have just 337 miles to St Lucia and we are getting excited about arriving. Last night with a number 3 headsail and reefed main we were hopping from squall to squall with 35 kts of breeze under some of them.

Running at 9-10 nautical miles per hour, we still keep the hatches open to reduce the stifling heat and humidity. At a about 4am, a rogue wave crashed over Juno sending more than a couple of gallons of ogin through the hatches onto people, bunks and covering sleeping bags. I am sure I heard a few “oh dear, never mind” comments.

Skipper, Dr Evil stayed in his bunk during the night. Watches turned him on the hour to prevent bedsores. He was woken to coffee just how he likes it along with freshly made toast and marmalade. Ah, the responsibilities of command….

We are now beginning to see more yachts on the horizon, which makes a nice change as the last time we saw another boat was over a week ago.

This morning Smithy and Charley went on the foredeck to repair the rail that had become loose. Paul B took a few photos to record the event. As you can see from one of them, there was a bit of spray. Paul wasn’t quite prepared for the deluge that was about to engulf him. We did laugh. Well, everyone except Paul.

We are trying to enjoy the last few days of sailing, taking sagely advice from shore based Mike Broughton. Thanks Mike.