Brendan West with his first account of life aboard the Farr 65 Spirit of Juno during the first 24 hours of the ARC

Date/time22 November 09:45

Distance to finish2,565nm

Variable wind during the night. Countless tacks to try too keep us going west. Charlie Streather made a excellent meal of savoury mince with boiled potatoes which was consumed by all. Most of the crew are now beginning to recover from Mal de Mere.

It is good to see them eat. Our resident cola addict is even managing to drink the occasional coke. Much talk about dehydration and ensuring everyone drinks plenty of water. During the night we had a problem with the number 1 headsail. The luff was being chaffed and was in danger of ripping all the way to the top. We quickly dropped it, hoisted the staysail and made the repair a ASAP and had the number 1 up again within 45 minutes.

Today is the 10 anniversary of Bob Monkehouse losing his leg when he was crushed between a tank transporter and a recovery vehicle? Hoppy Birthday Bob!