Joffy Bird with the latest ARC 'dilemmas' aboard Sky Hunter

Date Monday 28 November 2005


Day 7 and at last we are doing what the boat does best, sailing. Ok so it’s really hard up wind but at least there is wind. The wind filled in a couple of days ago and we’ve delved into the sail locker for a wide range of sails. Lots to do all over the boat.

We have come a long way west but if we want to hit the Trade Winds when they fill in tomorrow then we really need to get south. The only problem is that we can’t go south, only south-east as the wind is south-south-easterly. There’s always small problems to work around when at sea.

Food! We have been eating so well. Roast lamb, beef, spag bol and steak baps seem to form the evening side of the meal front with a few greens and potatoes. Our only concern is that we have provisioned for 16 days but because of our two no wind days we are now looking at 19 days. Fortunately like the majority of the fleet we have a fishing rod so we should be ok. Breakfast is usually cereal followed by bacon sandwiches and lunch, a bit of cold meat from the night before and something healthy like a home made coleslaw. My favourite bit is six in the evening when we have savoury snacks and a beer/whiskey (only the one mind).

Anyway that’s quite enough about food, I hope everything ok back in Blighty, a bit hot here, heard there’s snow at home, sounds like fun. I can just see it now, 5mm and the whole country will be grinding to a halt.

Winds just dropped so we’ve decided to have cabbage for breakfast to see if we can generate some wind!

Ciao for now

Sky Hunter out