Joffy Bird reports from aboard the ARC yacht Sky Hunter

Date 9 December

OK, so things have taken a little longer than expected. All things considered though I think that we are pleased with the progress that we have made.

The Trade Winds have just kicked in just in time for the last 300 miles and we’ve had a tedious Force 6-8 up the chuff. This would normally be quite fun but because of the sea state etc, it’s been hard slow work. We sneaked out the headsail today but still have the two reefs in, nicely balanced.

At this point in the journey there is only one thing on the mind (sorry Anny not you), rum, coke and beer. We ran out of beer three days ago and the only rum on board is so foul that we use it for killing fish. If a splash of it does that to a fish then there is no way that I’m touching it.

A few engine problems the other day but Skip (Georgo) and MO (Johno) managed to give it a good sucking and that sorted it out. The reason for the Os on the end of the names is that we have done a lot of reminiscing over the Ashes. Gilchrest would always say to Warne “Nice one Sean/ Warno”, so every time one of us gets a good bit of surf it’s, “Nice one whoever’O”.

Anyway must go as Georgo as just got the fastest surf so I need to go and try and get it of him.

Sky Hunter out