Mirabella V answers medical emergency Mayday call from yacht Compromise in ARC 4/12/06

A news report posted on the ARC website this afternoon reports that one of the participating yachts currently en route from Gran Canaria to Rodney Bay in St Lucia, has called a Mayday owing to a medical emergency on board.

Following the Mayday from Compromise, a Nicholson 32 (Jos Brosnan, CAN) at 1950UTC 03 December at position 21°43’N, 26°57’W, Mirabella V responded to the call from MRCC Falmouth (the co-ordinating Coastguard Centre) to assist.

Mirabella V is currently heading towards Compromise, but not expected to rendezvous until later today.

World Cruising Club will make a further statement once Mirabella V is on station.