Just over a 1000 miles to go!

Just over a 1000 miles to go!!

Well since my last blog the wind has been very kind to us. Just after I started my night watch on Thursday the wind filled in and firstly we had a large squall which gave us up to 35 knots for a few hours but also when that had moved away we were left with 20-25 knot winds which had lasted until a few hours ago. It has now died off again and we have resorted to using the engine for a little help but certainly helped us with gaining a few more miles and places. By the look of the grib files we will have to motor for the next day or so until we get through the hole in which we are now sitting.

Apart from the lack of wind life on board is good. We even had a little half way party yesterday. When I say party that is a bit of an exaggeration as there are only 5 of us on board but we had a glass of bubbly, donned our silly hats and let off a few party poppers (only to be cleaned up very quickly as Nik was very concerned of the dye that would seep into the teak). Steven decided this afternoon he was going to go for a quick dip as we had very little speed. It was lucky however he put on 2 pairs of shorts as it was quicker in the water than he thought! He was safely lashed onto the boat with safety lines etc but when we all started talking about sharks he quickly decided that he had, had enough. Bless.

Now the wind is on our nose…never thought we would be beating in the Atlantic! Let’s hope it swings around and gives us a better angle to St Lucia. We are currently at a course of 250 degrees which is not great as we really want to be at 270 but for now we shall persist in relatively the right direction, however with just over 1000 miles to go we haven’t much to worry about.