Only 1393 miles to go

Since leaving Cape Verde’s we have been on a search for whatever wind we could find and yesterday we finally found it…at last! At this present time we have a force 5 E – ENE and we are nicely averaging around 8 knots. How long it lasts who knows but we are keeping our fingers tightly crossed. Only 1393 miles to go.

Today the sun also decided to pop its head out for most of the morning which was a change from the drizzle which has followed us for the past 24 hours. The boat is going well and in the right direction which is always an added bonus, and the repairs are holding out well so far. If things continue to go in our favour we should reach St Lucia by next Friday and we all can’t wait.

Spirits on board are good. We are eating well and have our daily movie hour while having supper. We have managed to almost get through the whole 1st series of Heroes to keep us entertained. Other than reading copious amounts of books Nik had been fishing without much luck until this afternoon. Sarah has been baking some delicious treats for us and Steven has gone into competition with Nik as to who can grow the longest facial hair.

It’s amazing how this entertains the boys? But we do all have far too much time on our hands. I dread to think what will be next over the next week or so. Still if it keep the boy’s amused then it’s all good. Fin has been helping me with my sights and even turned his hand to the sextant today. That was until the sun decided to go into hiding again. Probably just as well as I’m running out of plotting sheets. Before long it will be a blue peter job of here’s one we made earlier!

Until the next blog let’s hope the wind keeps us going and we over take a few more boats.