Nick takes a turn as guest editor

A fun filled 24 Hours with lots of activity; position reports coupled with David H – keep us focused and motivated – sail for speed, Commander Weather coupled with all other weather sources generally keeps us in the wind – although not always – and you never know what a rain squall may hold – will it be 25Knts or 45 – luckily to date we have had practice in getting the kite down quickly – and then putting it up again as soon as we can.

Crew moral remains high – Nick & Rose are recovering form sleep deprivation , while Phil was given a night off ( 9 hours sleep – lucky him ) but he chose to stay on board ( the nearest cinema been in Mauritania ( next to Senegal – for those who failed geography) – some minor sail damage to a spinnaker ( torn tapes) left us the choice of sticky back sail repair – or doing a proper job – 5 Hours of stitching mostly by the watch who were in their bunks when it tore ( aided by Dee ) – mean as ever we did a “proper job” as the folks in the tot club would say .

We are all getting the hang of getting the kites up and down with the socks – although Adrian did at one stage try to leave the boat without permission – feet first ? upwards – a reminder of how lucky we are to be sailing with such an experienced crew .

Rumour has it Nick will help out in the galley – now that he knows where it is ( fascinating contents of the bilges ..)

Minor technical issue to report – we are unable to locate the manuals for the multi media system in the main saloon – thus have had to resort to watching DVD’s in our cabins until one of us has the patience to have another go ..

Trucking on 11 Knots … very comfortable and as ever well feed by Jens!