Kealoha have the finish in mind

With less then 950 miles to go, spirits are high on K8 – the last 24 hours have seen fresh breeze, flat water and us making up to 9 knots – the fully repaired “pinkie” spinnaker has done the K8 “loft” proud. Having passed the 20 min test, it looks good to hold out until the finish.

Pinkie was launched at noon today to the tune “miss you” by the Rolling Stones!

Clearly more wind meant less relaxation for the off watch crew – no play station or similar on K8 – more like reading on sailing psychology or using the SSB to receive the world service, while keeping on top of that DVD mountain (the best of Morecambe & Wise included!)

Having read our closest competitors’ (sister ship Oyster 72 – Hola Kai) online blog we were envious of their professional approach, and hope that they make it in eventually, ideally circa 24 hours behind K8 – where we can trade tales of blown spinnakers – and how to repair, J.

It is amusing to think that with over 240 starters the 2 boats battling it out are super comfortable blue water cruisers – with all mod cons, where leaving your air conditioned cabin to come on watch causes your sun glasses to steam up.. where oyster staff back at base support you like BA first class cabin crew – tending to your every need ! (Thanks also to Gavin for Mastervolt guidance.)

Alas, as we are heeled over, the use of the washing machine is considered high risk, so there has been some hand washing of essentials, comfortable that no one will be on the water to photograph the drying, on the line. We all want clean shirts and shorts for arrival.

Today also saw a Wahoo, our first fish on board for canapés, how fast they swim to catch the lure, even better when hooked they swim faster towards the boat, easy peasy.

The Crew of K8