A tearful 24 hours for Kealoha 8

Our tearful 24 hours so far: started well with ” happy hour” when Gary was presented with the “golden apron” award for his startling work at the top of the mast checking for wear and tear. Nightfall came with some of the most difficult helming conditions – pitch black for 4 hours even at start – spinnaker up and speeds in excess of 12 knots left the red watch exhausted. Green watch took over at 2400 and true to form called red watch back to assist in a gybe after only 30 minutes in our bunks.

03.30 later and red watch were called again, this time to assist in recovering the spinnaker which had decided it had had enough – parted at the head leaving us sailing on tapes only, with the kite under the boat – what joy.

The fantastic team effort had the sail recovered from under the boat and sailing returned in under 30 minutes although with white sails only we were still making over 9 knots on course for St Lucia. Damage score so far: green watch 2 spinnakers torn, red watch zero – some may say we are not pushing the boat – we are looking after her.

With boomed out Yankee the boat has been easier to sail with and enabled some desperate tired bodies to have a day of R&R and prepare for the next few days. For the moment we are making good speed under white sails and recharging “our” batteries .

For the moment we are making good speed under white sails and have decided to keep the spinnaker chafe to a minimum for the time being. Red watch leader (Phil) is now going to struggle to catch his schedule flight home and may well be stuck for a few days in st Lucia.

On the upside , the main saloon entertainment and media systems have been reinstated by Gary and premiered with a viewing of “the devil wears prada” ( more chick flicks ) by those off watch. (thanks Gavin for the offer of help – nice to know someone is reading our blogs !!)

First lady ” jen” has not only been standing watches but also done an amazing job of keeping us fed with menus ranging from stuffed peppers to Thai green chicken.

In appreciation of this and proving that there are no hard feelings between watches red watch gave her an express pedicure? at the K8 beauty parlour – call VHF channel 16 for reservations if you can make it to the front of the fleet.

For the moment making good speed under our remaining “A” sail @ 20.30 UTC – 19.30 boat time.