Juggling balls, Rubbish Challenge and backgammon - is the ocean getting to them?

Grey skies to start the day before the sun broke through & lots of sun-bathing. We WILL be tanned by the time we get to St Lucia. L & AM did their first unsupervised filletting and made a very good job. Delicious fishcakes and mountains of coleslaw for supper. Just after gas bottle played up which affected morale of the watches in the night who were unable to have tea. L had done her best in the anchor locker but only succeeded in getting very wet.

Another full day and quite a big swell. The lunchtime boat gift was a set of juggling balls – how long before one of them goes overboard? The gas has been fixed so we are able to indulge ourselves on the tea/coffee front once more.

The evening frenzy created by the ‘Rubbish Challenge’ was something to be seen. For some days rubbish has been furtively disappearing from the re-cycling bin. Rushing too and fro with string, scissors,boxes,paper etc was very amusing for the mother-watch who were preparing supper. The first heat of the Backgammon Challenge has been completed. The theme for the Halfway Party tomorrow is ‘Bad Taste’ relating to the outfit we wanted to chose to wear.