At least they think it was!

We’re now on our fifth day at sea and everyone has had time to get their sea legs and a decent amount of sleep.

Yesterday the wind eased and we were more comfortable with the gentle swell. The fishing line was put out but the pink octopus bait was not flavour of the day.

Our skipper suggested an exercise routine which included lunges and sit-ups, but as it was raining at the time we all declined the invitation to don leopard skin leotards. On a more serious note we spotted black fins at about 4pm, probably some sort of shark. On hearing this “L”, well known for her natty foot attire, (she has been known to potter on deck wearing white socks, sheepskin slippers and lilac marigolds) lunged towards the centre of the cockpit squealing.

What happened next…? Watch out for the next episode.