Brendan West's ARC update during yesterday's light conditions

Pavlov’s Dogs were trained to expect food when they heard a bell ring. When the bell is rang and there is no food, they still salivate. I believe this is known as a conditioned or Pavlovian reaction.

The crew is responding well to a lift in the wind. When I say lift, we are making around 3 kts boat speed. That beats the zero kts we did for the last eight hours or so. We have tried everything to get some movement, poled out headsail, goose-winged sails. Praying, screaming, crying. Bob even tried to start a new religious cult based on having a small piece of yellow tape stuck to his temple.

We are north of a lot of yachts and continue to wonder if we made the right decision. Rest is important, but it is difficult to sleep in these conditions. Which brings me back to Pavlovian reactions. I have conditioned myself to go to sleep to Coldplay, specifically a Rush of Blood to The Head. MP3 Player on and within two tracks I am away. Don’t get me wrong I like Coldplay. But, Chris Martin. Sorry mate but you send me to sleep.

Brendan West