Roast lamb, potatoes and three veg as nine crew sit down at the gimballed table in the honduras mahogany-panelled saloon

Date: 3 December Position: 20 20’N 035 52’W

Crossing is going really well. It is a very comfortable yacht in which to cross the pond particularly with roast lamb, roast potatoes and three veg for nine crew sitting round the gimballed table in the honduras mahogany panelled saloon. This is crossing in style redlent of the Queen Mary. Winds have been all over the place, but we are now skimming along at 8kn directly towards St. Lucia with jib, staysail, reefed main and mizzen. We hope to arrive around 11th December if the wind holds in this direction.

We have caught two huge Dorado which have made sushi, tuna steaks and salted tuna, all with homebaked bread. Tonight we are eating the steaks. At time of writing, the wind is dropping and we are possible facing a day or two of lights airs so, we may be putting up the mizzen stay and the balloon jib to maintain progress.

Blair Nimmo Yacht Berenice