Girls for Sail are currently beautifying themselves in preparation for an imminent finish in St Lucia

This is the last ‘Observations from Ostara’ as tomorrow (16 December) we hope to make landfall in St Lucia.

Of the eight of us on board, three of us have done the Atlantic crossing before and know the ‘drill’ on arrival; ie straight to the bar.

All thoughts of gas shortages, not enough cups of tea, no biscuits, imminent shortage of chocolate and last but not least, down to two sheets of toilet paper a visit (but not to worry we have a 23 November copy of The Mail to tide us over) have palled into insignificance. Instead, the process of beautification, exfoliation, primping, plucking, painting and preening are now at the forefront of our minds.

We have had a great trip, longer than anticipated but all in good humour. There have been periods of tension, which is hardly surprising with eight women living in a confined space for over three weeks. There are ‘rules’ on a GFS boat which may seem odd to start with but they ensure that the boat is run efficiently, happily and cleanly! Everyone has had a role to play which has helped towards harmony.

Our Skipper and fist mate have been wonderful – we have had total faith in their combined decisions. It has also been good to know that with modern technology our progress has been watched, along with all the other participants, and any problems we might have encountered would have been ‘sorted’.

Who knows where this adventure might lead us – it opens new horizons for some but certainly for all of us it has been an amazing and enjoyable experience.

Goodbye and thank you from all aboard Girls for Sail