Congratulations from Challenger1

Today Vic, our Starboard Watch Leader, would very much like to congratulate Hamid Ghalbani on his coming of age. Vic has been doing some volunteer work together with Hamid (originally from Afghanistan).

Hamid, I presume Vic would very much like to be part of your 18th birthday celebrations. So, the least we can do is send you some bright sunshine wrapped in blue sky! Best of luck from all the crew! And before I forget, Vic would also like to extend those greetings to Charlie Chapman at Marchant-Holliday!

From myself “Happy Birthday to Seniore Oest” who has been part of a great many yachting trips and even might have been part of this passage. Yet he decided to celebrate his great day back in the European winter. Well, lucky him, he shall bugger off for some X-mas shopping in NY soon! Have fun! Looking forward to setting sails in the Seychelles next spring and putting all the newly acquired racing knowledge into practice, haha.

Ian sends many happy return of the day to his mom Ann Winters from the mid Atlantic! I can tell you that he’s been a good boy (despite his tremendous snoring keeping me awake at times him sleeping two bunks below). So make sure that in return for these far reaching greetings there’s a lot under the Christmas tree for him!

“Herzlichen Glueckwunsch” to my Mom, who was wise enough to exchange some Euros for US Dollars when the rate peaked and then booked herself a flight to sunny Florida. She’ll be returning in a few days for her grand day celebrations. But since mobile phones, answering machines or internet access have not yet managed to make it into my mom’s home (she keeps the door shut to such modern day gadgetry) it will be a few days until the bushdrums relay this to her. Mind you, her computer will be celebrating 15 years of existence and is still running on Windows 3.11 (if Bill Gates happens to read this: birthday, old computer – nudge nudge, wink wink nowwhatimean, it’s obvious what your gift should be, Bill!).

And of course to all the other family & friends who might have someone on this great voyage across the pond!

In the absence of a nice glass of Port I shall raise my daily ration of beer and say “Prost!”, “Nasdrave!”, “Cheers!”, “Skal!”, “Sante!” & “Salud!”

Happy celebrating and please, a lot of wind, we need it!

Stefan on day 7 @ 14:00 board time