Alec Lochore with the latest from aboard ARC yacht Azure

Date Wednesday 1100 GMT

Position N 14 43 41/W 53 13 06

Sunday was, on the whole, a clam day with steady progress. We overtook an Irish boat very close by. The skipper in usual good Irish humour mentioned that they were organising a coach party for the afternoon to go and look at some of the local sites – did any of us want to join them? Also did we have any women on board that we would consider selling or part-exchanging.

Sunday evening was the usual psalms and prayers followed by supper and bed. Monday was much the same until after supper. During this first watch after supper was when everything changed. A few big black clouds loomed up behind and there was quite a lot of lighting. Suddenly it was blowing 30 kts and we were going slightly too fast and were slightly over sailed! Over the next hour in very lumpy seas and in the pouring rain we reduced the sails until all we had up was the genoa that was three quarters out and we were still going 7 kts.

This made the night a long one as the boat was all over the place and the noise inside of things rattling and falling was considerable. At one stage there was an almighty crash from the front of the boat. Henry had forgotten to do up his lee cloth and had fallen out of his top bunk. Luckily the first thing to hit the floor was his head so not too much damage done!

Tuesday was much the same as has been the night. The swell is about 6 metres and the wind remains constantly 20-30 kts. This has accelerated fatigue on board and we are all now mile counting – less than 450 to go! The skipper particularly looks butched and I think he will be very glad when we make land.

Starting to feel a bit ill now so will sign off and be in touch again when, and if, things calm down. Still looking to make land Friday evening/early Saturday morning.

Safe passage