After several days of light wind the fleet, particularly those at the front, are due to experience stronger winds over the next few days

News from the ARC this morning, during the fifth day at sea shows, a weather advisory has been issued following the upgrading of a deep Atlantic low into a named tropical storm – Delta. Whilst the area of concern is over 360 nautical west miles of the track of the fleet, it still warrants a warning to yachts.

Those at the front of the fleet are likely to experience head winds, with increased rainsquall and thunderstorm activity likely until conditions settle next week.

Some yachts have opted to call in at Mindello in the Cape Verdes for a refueling stop. The German Etap 39 – Aquila, is diverting to Cape Verdes to effect repairs on a leaking stern gland. A similar problem has forced trouble plagued Bold Explorer to return to Gran Canaria for the third time, having got just 70 miles out from Pasito Blanco. They are expected back on the island tomorrow.

Two other yachts have decided to retire from the ARC and are heading back to Gran Canaria – Alex Brockhoff’s Swan 57 Cardillo and John Bainbridge’s Corel 45 Renaissance. No reasons have been given.

Over the last 24 hours winds have been variable, with tropical squalls for some. Extra wind is welcome for the yachts. Northern Child skipper Julian Sincock commented: “I calculated this morning that at 0800 we had run the same distance in the last 20 hours as the preceding two and a half days!”