The sixth day aboard X-to-Sea was spent rebuilding a shredded kite

Day six on X-To-Sea was an education day: Sail Repair 101 as we got out the sticky-back to fix our kite which became impaled on the pole during a gybe. In Aussie vernacular it “ripped like a bride’s nightie”!

It was a tough day at the office, labouring in the sunshine learning the fine points of spinnaker repair. We’ve been trundling along nicely at an average of 10 knots, still among the most southerly in the fleet as far as we can ascertain. Tonight’s night watch are in for a treat, t-shirt weather again, moon shining, stars out and X-To-Sea sailing well under “Otto” the auto pilot as I type.

We’ve all laid bets on our arrival time, winner receiving a bottle of Caribbean rum that, of course, they’re required to share with their crewmates in St Lucia. No boats within sight tonight, my first night watch where we’ve had the ocean entirely to ourselves.