Triple Olympic Medallist, Matthew Pinsent today took to the high seas with Britain's America's Cup Team, GBR Challenge

Triple Olympic Medallist, Matthew Pinsent today took to the high seas with Britain’s America’s Cup Team, GBR Challenge. Pinsent, who is a patron of GBR Challenge, joined former rowers Greg Searle (1992 Olympic Medallist) and Ian Weighell (Oxford Blue) on the grinders for a training session.

“It was interesting to talk to the designers and sailors. The team are harnessing advanced technology and using it well. I was very impressed with the level of detail and attention that is paid to every element. There are a few ideas that that I am going to try on my boat when we get back,” he commented after racing.

Since the Sydney Olympics Pinsent has focused his efforts on the coxless pairs with his new partner, James Cracknell, and together they appear invincible. In their first year, the duo performed an unprecedented feat in the history of rowing by winning the coxless pair at the world championship, a mere two hours after winning the coxed pairs.

GBR Challenge crew member and ex-rower Greg Searle has been instrumental in establishing an extensive fitness programme for the whole GBR Challenge team bringing with him many of the techniques and methods from his time as a rower.

“It’s very different to rowing and these guys probably spend more time training on the water as there are thousands of variables that will affect the speed of the boat. In rowing there is only one and that is how fit you are. However, I am not going to change career just yet!”

Matthew is currently in Auckland on the first leg of his honeymoon. He and his new wife Demetra, spent yesterday as guests of Peter Harrison and witnessed Wight Lightning’s victory over Stars & Stripes.