The Italian ACC 39 Challenge has recruited a host of Olympic Finn sailors and more top British sailors could be on the way

 Former Finn silver medallist Luca Devoti, who is skippering the Italian 2007 America’s Cup 39 Challenge yacht, will be joined by a host of other Finn sailors including the British contingent of Iain Percy (former Finn Gold medallist) as helmsman, Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson as afterguard and Chris Brittle.

There are also five members of the team who competed in the Finn at the Olympics in Athens including Spanish silver medallist Rafael Trujillo, Karlo Kuret of Croatia who finished fourth, the Australian Antony Nossiter (6th), the French Guillaume Florent (8th) and Alejandro Colla of Argentina (22nd).

Rumour has it that news of two more British Olympic sailors, Steve Mitchell (Iain Percy’s Star crew in Athens), and former Finn sailor Ian Howlett will also join the team. Keep logging on to for news as it happens from Marseille.