Matterport 3D viewing experiences make yacht sales and charter simpler and faster

Invite prospective clients and owners to virtually walkthrough ‘digital twins’ of vessels as if they were onboard.

Leading spatial data company Matterport now allows yacht designers, manufacturers, brokers and owners to share their vision for custom vessels, or to offer an immersive experience of an existing yacht remotely, by creating dimensionally accurate digital replicas of superyachts that showcase their spectacular scale and style.

Matterport 3D technology can help communicate the design, construction, and completion phases of a yacht, and provide an exceptionally detailed 3D walk through for charter and brokerage sales.

Adopting technology that has become widespread in real estate and construction, Matterport’s digital views capture the complete yacht from bow to stern and offer an engaging and realistic viewing experience that puts users onboard, no matter where in the world they are.

The digital replicas allow owners or potential buyers to experience the spaces aboard a yacht – the sweep of a horizon, the curve of a staircase, the view from the master cabin – with a whole-boat perspective that far surpasses that offered by traditional static photography, conventional models or renderings, or single point of view video tours.

Matterport’s photo-realistic, detailed digital representations capture spaces, sightlines, colours, textures, light and dimensions. They allow customers and collaborators to explore the private and communal areas of the yacht, as well as the crew quarters, engine rooms and working areas.

The dynamic ‘walkaround’ option lets users gain a complete, true spatial understanding of the yacht and how those elements interrelate to one another.

The realism offered by a Matterport digital viewing experience means customers are comfortable to commit at an earlier stage: builders and brokers report closing sales faster, owners get out on the water sooner. Decisions – whether related to purchasing, charter, refit or finishes – can be made with greater confidence, and result in fewer change orders to potentially cause delays later in the process.

Owners also value having an as-built plan of record that they can share remotely during the build or refit process, and the highly detailed representation of the yacht has an enduring value for insurance documentation or future charter.

The 3D experiences are intuitive, engaging, and multifunctional. A Highlight Reel feature allows viewers to fully comprehend any space and visualize layout and flow. The ‘dollhouse’ view offers a sense of the entire vessel, or viewers can select aerial floorplans, with views of every floor.

Meanwhile, the 3D exploration mode allows viewers to walk around the yacht, immerse themselves in it, and choose to look up, down, and around as they please, both online and in full virtual reality.

Matterport technology also offers a ‘Measurement Mode’, which allows users to accurately measure anything – deck space, cabin dimensions, doors, or furniture, and to share those measurements, for example with an interior designer.

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