Electric winches are often considered the standard solution for any sailor needing help on deck. Yet, they are far from perfect, starting with the prohibitive cost

In the last few years, new solutions have been found: 4-speed winches and electric winch handles. Here is an overview of their comparative advantages:

Electric winches: powerful but not always suitable

Recognised for their efficiency, electric winches are powerful but require a considerable investment. Motorisation of just one winch means not only buying the equipment, but also installing it. The total price range varies from €2,500 to €6,000, depending on the size of the winch and its functions (e.g. motorisation of one or two winch gears, on/off button or variable speed).

Aside from their cost, electric winches have other limitations

  • Without a speed regulator, electric winches require extreme caution during use to prevent any damage to the boat. They also cannot be used for precise settings, for example for trimming the final centimetres of a genoa.
  • Electric winches can cause accelerated aging of the service batteries: each time they are used, they solicit between 60 and 100A.
  • Finally, the installation of an electric winch is not always possible. Cockpits and deck layouts do not always provide sufficient space for this.

Speed winches: more power for easier but slower winching

Four-speed winches have been designed to offer winches answering specific needs. The additional speeds feature either an overdrive to go faster, or more power to require less effort while winching.

Racers will love the overdrive version. Sailors needing help on deck will prefer the version with more power. This version allows you to better manage your effort while winching, making it easier.

However, it doesn’t reduce the amount of energy required to hoist a main sail, which means that it also makes winching slower. It doesn’t bring the electric energy provided by electric winches or electric winch handles.

Electric winch handles: the smart solution

One big advantage of electric winch handles is that you can get electric help on all your winches with just one winch handle, and without having to do any installation at all. Options vary according to models but they are always cheaper than powering a single electric winch.

Unlike electric winches there is no risk of damaging the boat: as you have to hold it with your hand, you are always in control of what’s happening on your lines.

Ewincher is the electric winch handle that gives the best user experience as it features the most advanced and innovative functions (Brushless motor, Li-ion battery). Plus, it’s the lightest (2.2kg), and is the only one featuring a winch locking system and three modes of operation to be used for any manoeuver, at any time (manual, electric or combined).

Above all, Ewincher is the only winch handle that will allow you to apply torque effortlessly thanks to its unique ergonomics.

Discover why in this video:

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