Kiko Rutter reports from on board 'Hygeia' on the third day of his Atlantic crossing

On 24 November, Kiko writes:

‘The rig that we liked so much yesterday – poled-out genoa and cruising chute – proved to have one major problem: when the wind pipes up, the absence of the main to shelter behind makes it exceedingly difficult to take the chute down. We were lucky to have the sail when we dropped it in 22 knots. It would have been hazardous if we had had to do it at night.

The morning was fairly sedate, but this afternoon it became rather boisterous and sadly our telescopic pole folded in half. We’ve been able to affect a reasonable repair and have a spare one, but it’s still something of a setback.

Conditions this evening are approaching idyllic: 18 knots of wind and, although we are rolling pretty abominally under reefed main and headsail, we are making around 7.5 knots. Grilled pork, sautéed potatoes, fresh beans and the best Norwegian sauerkraut for supper. We also had a brief but enchanting visitation by a school of dolphins this afternoon.

It beats working for a living!’