At 22:29:17 this evening Ellen MacArthur became the fastest sailor in the world beating Francis Joyon's record by 1 day, 8 hours and 35 minutes

At exactly 22:29:17 this evening, Ellen MacArthur crossed the Ushant finish line to become the fastest sailor ever to circumnavigate the world singlehandly. Her record time was 71 day, 14 hours and 17 minutes. Sailing her Nigel Irens-designed 75ft trimaran B&Q, MacArthur beat Francis Joyon’s record time by 1 day, 8 hours, 35 minutes and 49 seconds.

Chatting from the boat as she crossed the line MacArthur said: I cannot believe it, I cannot believe it. I don’t think I’ll really believe it until I see faces again. It’s amazing. An absolutely unbelievable voyage.”

Ellen is due to arrive in Falmouth at approximately 1100 tomorrow morning. Head straight for the Maritime Museum where you’ll be able to see Ellen chatting live on the big screen as she approaches the dockside. To plan your visit to Falmouth log onto – the National Maritime Museum website – where you’ll find more details.