Firefighters rescue man up a mast in Portishead

An interesting story on the BBC’s website – – reports on a yachtsman rescued from the top of his mast by firefighters.

According to the story the embarrassed yachtsman spent two hours stranded in pouring rain at the top of his 40ft mast at Portishead Marina on Wednesday before he was rescued. Apparently while working at the top of his mast the pulley system jammed and, alone, he was unable to make his way down.

The 60-year-old eventually called for help on his mobile and, with the assistance of firefighters and marina staff, was rescued safely.

But the rescue wasn’t all ‘plain sailing’. The firefighters had to reposition the yacht away from the pontoon where it was moored into a nearby lock. The 10m-deep was then drained to allow the yacht to be hauled over. A ladder was then placed on the mast to allow the rescue to be completed.