Records continue to tumble at the Ludertiz Speed Challenge Namibia - fastest speed now stands at 55.65 knots

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The wind blew up to 45 knots yesterday (28 October). In order to keep the water at low tide after the finish of the run, the organisers decided to built a retaining wall (to retain the water level to the minimum depth of 18cm as required by the WSSRC). This paid huge dividends as many records were smashed. All are subject to the official ratification by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and World Speed Sailing Record Council (WSSRC).

Frenchman Sebastien Cattelan is the new record holder of France and Europe with 55.49 (first man to 55 knots). He held the outright record for a whole hour before US kiteboarder Rob Douglas improved upon it, reaching 55.65 knots.

See what 55.65 knots looks like…..

Charlotte Consorti (FRA) did 48.5 on the display, followed 30 minutes later by countrywoman Sophie Routboul who reached 48.64 knots – despite a broken hand! Later in the day Charlotte went back out and became the first lady over 50 knots and the new women’s record holder with 50.43.

Other speeds of the day were:

3rd Alex Caizergues with 54.93 (France)
4th Sebatien Salerno with 54.28 (France)
5th Sylvain Hoceini with 52.90 (France)

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