The Swedish Match Tour will now be known as the World Match Racing Tour

The World Match Racing Tour, the successor to the Swedish Match Tour, and the International Sailing Federation, ISAF, the world governing body for the sport of sailing, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), marking the first phase in the achievement of a long-term partnership to create a new World Match Racing Tour.

The World Match Racing Tour features 10 of the premier ISAF-graded match-racing events. Competitors earn points towards the championship based on their finish at the individual events.

The MOU sets out the objectives of the partnership in which ISAF will grant the World Match Racing Tour ‘ISAF Special Event’ status. Among other benefits, Special Event status allows the tour to use the word ‘World’ in marketing and promotion.

In addition, from 2007 onwards, the winner of the World Match Racing Tour will be awarded the title of ISAF Match Racing World Champion.

“The Tour is delighted with the opportunity to work closely with ISAF to promote match-racing on a more cohesive platform,” said Scott MacLeod, President of the World Tour. “This will be a true partnership. We look forward to working closely with ISAF to grow match-racing on a worldwide basis.”

Another component of the MOU is the creation of the World Tour Committee, including representatives of ISAF and the World Tour. The five-member committee will be responsible for reviewing existing events, agreeing on the invitation process and the use of other graded regattas as qualifying events, providing input into the ISAF World Match Race Rankings, and exploring the formation of women’s and youth match-racing tours.

“ISAF is pleased to partner and support the World Match Racing Tour, which will provide an improved and consistent professional global match-racing circuit, attracting increased global exposure,” said Göran Petersson, President of the International Sailing Federation. “ISAF looks forward to working together with the tour organizer and supporting the ISAF-graded events included in the World Tour.