The Admiral's Cup fleet is currently enjoying fresh south-south-westerly winds and the big boats have started to round the rock

Bribon Telefonica Movistar provided the first Wolf Rock rounding information when they reported that they had rounded at 1144. They believed Wild Oats and Estrella Galicia Uno to be ahead of them but neither of these boats called in. Wind conditions were 25knots from the SSW with big seas.

In the IMS 600 fleet the most recent information comes from Estrella Galicia Dos at 1017 when they rounded Start Point off Dartmouth some 300 yards behind Dickies Yacht Sales. Chernikeeff 3 was behind and “all the Rodmans” in front (Aftershock, Telefonica Movistar and Chernikeeff 4). They reported wind from 200°. They were reaching to starboard with a kite up. They gave an ETA finish of 2200hrs.