Wilsonian Sailing Club's annual 13-race winter series attracted 62 boats 18/12/06

Bright sunshine and a chilly light to moderate westerly was just right for the concluding race of the winter open series at Wilsonian Sailing Club on Sunday 17th December.

62 boats had contested the 13 race series, though one race was abandoned when the forecast gale turned up late during the lunch break. The series was blessed with plenty of sunshine and winds from a steady force 2 -3 to a blustery 4-6 encouraging an average turnout of 30 boats. There was a choice between long course, medium course and lapping course with 7 races to count.

Mike Gower (Laser Vortex) lifted the Long Course Trophy with consistent results in the top three, though he did need a third in the final race to seal victory. Ian Foxwell/Hannah Packman (29er) had shadowed Gower all the way but ended 2 points adrift so had to settle for runners-up prize, While Tony Hunt/Suzanne Hall (V3000) who won the final race and gained third prize, were unfortunate as illness had kept them away, so had to add a DNF to 5 firsts and a third. David/Stuart Masons (Laser 4000) did not contest the last race but held for fourth on aggregate and John/Steve Tinnams (Laser 5000), sailing in all 12 races, was rewarded with fifth prize.

In contrast Neil Lamprell (Phantom), with seven firsts to count, had dominated the 34 strong medium course fleet for a comfortable victory. Brian Lamb/Brian Warwick (Wayfarer) with a couple of firsts, 4 seconds and a third to count secured runners-up prize and Roy Winnett/Geoff Lambert (Laser 2000) with an aggregate 20 points won third prize. Nick Antoniades/Cathy Evans (Laser 2000) contested the 12 races, pick-up fourth in the last race to confirm the same overall, Peter Hayes/Steve Goddard (V3000) were absent but held for fifth while a fifth place for Jayne Lambert/Paul Thorpe (Laser 2000) elevated them to sixth on aggregate.

Nine boats contested the lapping course and David/Jackie Hudson (Miracle) won nine of them to win the Lapping Course Trophy with ease. Lesley O’Rourke (Miracle), with an assortment of crews had 7 seconds to count to ensure second prize and Gordon Wallace/Leah Johnson (Miracle) had done enough previously for third. Jo Wicken (Laser Radial) spoilt the Hudsons record by winning the final race and fourth prize in the process.

Overall Results
Long Course
1st Laser Vortex 1013 Mike Gower 15pts (Wilsonian SC) 2nd 29er 060 Ian Foxwell & Hannah Packman 17pts (Wilsonian SC) 3rd V3000 3603 Tony Hunt & Suzanne Hall 20pts (Wilsonian SC) 4th Laser 4000 4496 David & Stuart Mason 21pts (Wilsonian SC) 5th Laser 5000 5302 John & Steve Tinnams 24pts (Wilsonian SC)
Medium Course
1st Phantom 1073 Neil Lamprell 7pts (Wilsonian SC) 2nd Wayfarer 10201 Brian Lamb & Brian Warwick 14pts (Wilsonian SC) 3rd Laser 2000 21792 Roy Winnett & Geoff Lambert 20pts (Wilsonian SC) 4th Laser 2000 2305 Nik Antoniades & Cathy Evans 41pts (Wilsonian SC) 5th V3000 3602 Peter Heyes & Steve Goddard 47pts (Wilsonian SC) 6th Laser 2000 21314 Jayne Lambert & Paul Thorpe 50pts (Wilsonian SC)
Lapping Course
1st Miracle 3795 David & Jackie Hudson 7pts (Wilsonian SC) 2nd Miracle 3722 Lesley O’Rourke & Stephanie Wicken 14pts (Wilsonian SC) 3rd Miracle 2955 Gordon Wallace & Leah Johnson 28pts (Wilsonian SC) 4th Laser radial 133369 Jo Wicken 29pts (Wilsonian SC)