PWA versus UKWA event rounded off indoor the windsurfing at the London boat show on Sunday

Top UK windsurfers took on the international team in a UKWA versus PWA match in Slalom, freestyle and jump on Sunday at the Schroders London Boat Show.

The final day of windsurfing, the most exciting of the competition was completely sold out before the day began. PWA (professional windsurfing association) tour members from all over the world went head to head with the UKWA (UK windsurfing association) in a three tier competition. Those fortunate enough to have tickets got to see the sensational evening of extreme windsurfing.

First up was the slalom event where Nik Baker continued his winning streak, by going on to take the trophy to add to his UKWA indoor slalom victory for which he went home with a brand-new car. Baker stormed his way to victory in the final against Douglas Diaz of Venezuela.

The action continued with the freestyle round, where each sailor was given four runs down the pool to be finished with a move. Their two highest scoring moves would count towards their overall score. The undisputed winner of this event was Kauli Seadi of Brazil, who stunned the audience with a brillant spock 540, an immaculate grubby and an amazing willy skipper 540. Nik Baker was not to be left off the podium in this event either, coming second followed again by Douglas Diaz.

The jump ramp show, easily the most impressive event from a spectator’s point of view, was what we had all been waiting for. With 14 starters for this event, the list was quickly whittled down by having just two chances on the ramp to impress the judges with just six sailors going through into the next round.

Oisin Van Gelderen, Steve Thorpe, Nik Baker, Ricardo Campello, Kevin Pritchard and Kauli Seadi were the lucky six finalists, and it was clear that the Brazilians were out to win. Kauli Seadi stepped up the pace with a huge one footed forward, and Ricardo Campello regained the form which eluded him in the freestyle coming back with an amazing tweaked out ninja kick. The UKWA were hot on their heels with Steve Thorp nailing a massive forward and a tweaked table top.

Ricardo Campello justified his status as world number one in freestyle by winning the jump comp with fellow countryman Kauli Seadi coming in second place and the UK’s Steve Thorp finishing a well deserved third.

The Indoor windsurfing event at the London Boat Show has been enormously successful and sponsors have already indicated that they want bring it back next year on a larger scale.