Tony Bullimore could commence world speed record attempt in next few days 27/3/07

Tony Bullimore’s three-month wait for a decent weather window could be coming to an end.

Sixty-eight year old Bullimore has been on standby in Hobart for an extended period – probably one of the longest on record – awaiting a chance to set off aboard his 102ft catamaran Doha on a solo attempt at the world speed record. But according to his shore team the weather is about to break.

After three months waiting for a decent weather window, Tony Bullimore could be setting off on his attempt at breaking Ellen MacArthur’s solo world speed record within the next week.

The concerns now of course are the risks Bullimore faces – winter storms and icebergs – through leaving it so late in the season. Barry Pickthall from the press office said: “Yes, it is getting late in the season but he won’t be going that far south he’ll be in the 30s most of the way. The worst bit will be diving deep rounding Cape Horn.”

Bullimore will be heading straight out of Hobart, east, into the Indian Ocean with his first ‘waypoint’ Cape Horn.

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