The British Windjet team is on standby for its land speed record attempt

The British Windjet team who had to suspend their last attempt at the ice speed record earlier this year on Ghost Lake near Calgary, Canada is on standby once again. This time it’s an attempt to break the world land speed record.

Windjet, the craft behind the British campaign to shatter three World Speed Records on Land, Ice and Water using wind power alone, already holds the British land speed record of 113.4 mph travelling a staggering ‘five times’ the real wind speed.

The current land record stands at 116.7 mph (187.8 km/h) and is held by America. The current water record stands at 46.52 knots (53.53 mph, 86.2 km/h) held by the Australians. And, the current ice record, also held by the Americans, stands at 143 mph (230.1 km/h).

After their failed attempt at the ice record earlier in the year where the fastest speed reached was just shy of 90mph, the team, including Richard Jenkins (Project Director and Pilot) has been working hard throughout the summer transforming her back in to land record mode. And the team say she’s never been in such great shape to break the current record.