The Winter Series at Wilsonian Sailing Club attracted 47 entries and concluded last weekend

The Winter Series at Wilsonian Sailing Club attracted 47 entries, including eight visitors from Medway YC, Royal Engineers YC, Whitstable YC, Bough Beech SC, Weston SC and Arethusa Sailability. The 13 race series (Six to count) was held from 3 November to 15 December, with choice of long or short course.

Light to moderate winds prevailed most of the time but racing was abandoned on three occasions when calms prevailed. The host club picked up all the prizes in the long course event with Tony Hunt/Matt Wynn (Fireball) comfortably taking the title with three firsts and three seconds. The other top prizes were decided in the final race with all the contenders on the start line. David/Stuart Mason (Laser 4000) mastered the wet and windy conditions well for second that lifted them to third on aggregate while Grahame Smith (Vortex) crossed the line for fifth that was just sufficient to hold onto runners-up spot for the series. John Shenton/Jonathon Osgood (Osprey) and Ian Parris (RS 600) finished at the back of the fleet, so had to settle for fourth and fifth prizes based on their previous results. While Chris Ashby/Mick Smith (RS 400) finished in third but just missed out on the prizes at sixth overall

In contrast, the short course prizes were all up for grabs in the last race of the series and visitors were in contention. Unfortunately the current fleet leader, Mark Lee/Sally Taylor (Scorpion) Medway YC was absent and second placed Brian Lamb/Brian Warwick (Wayfarer) from the host club were on patrol boat duty. However the other contenders, Adrian/Rob Smith (Scorpion) Weston SC, Nick Stewart/Brian McKenzie (Wayfarer) Medway YC and Gordon Belcher (Laser Radial) were present.

The Smith pair already had four firsts and a second under their belts. They stormed to an outstanding victory finishing over 5 minutes ahead of the rest of the fleet to promote themselves to a well-deserved first place on the podium, pushing Lee/Taylor and Lamb/Warwick into second and third places respectively. While Stewart/McKenzie held for fourth prize, Belcher for fifth and David/Jackie Hudson was the leading Miracle in sixth place.

Overall Results/Prizes

Long Course 1st 14606 Fireball Tony Hunt and Matt Wynn 9pts (Wilsonian SC)

2nd 1205 Vortex Grahame Smith 17pts (Wilsonian SC)

3rd 4496 Laser 4000 David and Stuart Mason 18pts (Wilsonian SC)

4th 1198 Osprey John Shenton/Martin Jones and Jonathon Osgood 21pts (Wilsonian SC)

5th 889 RS 600 Ian Parris 23pts (Wilsonian SC)

6th 964 RS 400 Chris Ashby and Mick Smith 25pts (Wilsonian SC)

Short Course

1st 1939 Scorpion Adrian and Rob Smith 7pts (Weston SC)

2nd 853 Scorpion Mark Lee and Sally Taylor 12pts (Medway YC)

3rd 10201 Wayfarer Brian Lamb and Brian Warwick 14pts (Wilsonian SC)

4th 9471 Wayfarer Nick Stewart and Brian McKenzie/Simon Pierson 27pts (Medway YC)

5th 172348 Laser Radial Gordon Belcher 30pts (Wilsonian SC)

6th 3795 Miracle David and Jackie Hudson 37pts (Wilsonian SC)