Wilsonian's Open Winter Series attracted an excellent entry of 55 boats including 9 visitors, with over 30 boats frequently coming to the start

Wilsonian’s Open Winter Series attracted an excellent entry of 55 boats including 9 visitors, with over 30 boats frequently coming to the start line. Unfortunately the winds did not match this enthusiasm as calms and light airs dominated the first 10 races of the 13 race series. In the first race no one finished within the two-hour time limit and just one entry finished the second race. The series ended on a high note though with a steady force 3 easterly for the 11th and 12th races and a force 5 to 6 northeasterly for the final race on 19th December. With classes ranging from RS 800s to Toppers, the choice between a long, short or lapping course proved to be a good compromise.

With seven races to count Tony Hunt and Suzanne Hall, Laser 3000, established an un-assailable lead of the long course fleet and they confirmed their credentials by winning the last race to lift the Long Course Trophy. Tim Kift and Paul Heather, Osprey, had consistent results to ensure runners up spot with David/Stuart Mason, Laser 4000, close behind for third prize. The contest for fourth and fifth prizes was decided in the final race as Chris Ashby and Mike Smith, RS 400, managed to finish ahead of Stuart Bailey and Hannah Packman, Buzz, who had an unscheduled swim.

A three-way competition developed for the top prizes in the short course event and results in the final race would decide the pecking order. Neil Lamprell, Phantom, came out on top, with Brian Lamb and Brian Warwick, Wayfarer, second and Malcolm Levey third. While Roger Gibbs, Wayfarer, and John Parsons and Bryan Dunmall, Laser 2000, stayed ashore for the last race in the knowledge that they had secured fourth and fifth prizes respectively without having to get their feet wet.

Similarly there were three Miracles contesting the lapping course going into the last race. Peter Horner and David Brooker showed the way to ensure they won the title finishing well ahead of second placed David and Jackie Hudson and Lesley O’Rourke and Steve Drain third.

Overall Results

Long Course

1st Laser 3000, Tony Hunt/Suzanne Hall (Wilsonian SC)

2nd Osprey, Tim Kift/Paul Heather (Wilsonian SC) )

3rd Laser 4000, David/Stuart Mason (Wilsonian SC) )

4th RS 400, Chris Ashby/Mike Smith (Wilsonian SC) )

5th Buzz, Stuart Bailey/Hannah Packman (Medway YC) )

Long Course

1st Phantom, Neil Lamprell (Wilsonian SC) )

2nd Wayfarer Brian Lamb/Brian Warwick (Wilsonian SC) )

3rd Phantom, Malcolm Levy (Wilsonian SC) )

4th Wayfarer, Roger Gibbs/Joshua Martin/John Cooper (Medway YC) )

5th Laser 2000, John Parsons/Bryan Dunmall (Wilsonian SC) )

Lapping Course

1st Miracle, Peter Horner/David Brooker (Wilsonian SC) )

2nd Miracle, David/Jackie Hudson (Wilsonian SC) )

3rd Miracle, Lesley O’Rourke/Steve Drain (Wilsonian SC) )

4th Laser Radial, Jo Wicken (Wilsonian SC) )

5th Miracle, Chris/Nina/Nicky Wallis (Wilsonian SC) )