Unless weather conditions change soon, the first leg of the VOR could take an extra four days which means food will be on the ration

It has taken six days for the VOR fleet to reach Madeira, which means that unless weather conditions change soon, the first leg could take an extra four days. Grant Dalton, skipper of Amer Sports One, is slightly concerned about the food rations and the communication problems onboard.

“It has been so slow so far and I fear that our catering of 30 days could be as much as four days short. Good thing that we didn’t really eat for the first three days hence allowing us to save a bit. We have com (communication) problems onboard and have lost our Sat B (Satcom B).

“This is a major setback, not just as it means we cannot send pictures (photographs and video images) but we are totally dependant on it for all our weather information.

“Yesterday we sailed straight past News Corp which was satisfying but I fear that the three boats in front of us at present (Tyco, ASSA ABLOY and illbruck) are sailing just that little bit better.

“We still are working on our sail crossovers, the quickest way to get them up and down etc so we should be pleased with the way we are going I guess with a week nearly gone.”