Races 1 and 2

Yacht racing resumed in the Solent on Sunday when 200 boats came to the line for the first day of the Barclays Marine Finance Warsash Spring Series.

After heavy overnight rain, winds were shifting as race officers tried to set two courses in the Central Solent. Although winds were light at the start, by the finish it was blowing Force 3-4.

First away were the IRM yachts, with the Farr 52 heading the rankings. Problems laying the mark meant the race had to be abandoned, but the race committee were able to set two more races in the time, with Fair Do’s skippered by John Shepperd winning both times.

In the White Group for smaller boats, the Hunter 707s looked like causing the race officer a headache as more than half the fleet were heading over the line too early. But the race committee was able to identify all 15 offenders, giving the nine remaining boats a chance to sail away, with The Sweeney taking the honours. The 707s’ second race went without a hitch, with Panic V winning taking first place.

Racing will continue on each Sunday morning until 28 April, with a break for Easter.

Provisional Results

Race 1

Class IRM

1 FAIR DO’S (John Shepherd)

2 ASSEGAI (Chris Hunt/ Leon Christianakis)

3 EL GRINGO (Nicholas Hartshorn)

Class IRC Div 1

1 ASSUAGE (Terry & Sue Robinson)

2 CADHIRE FALCON (Robert Goddard)

3 TEAM TONIC (Nick Hewson)

Class IRC Div 2

1 TRIPLE A WITH FLAIR (Jim Macgregor)

2 ALVINE XII (Harry Evans)

3 BARKING MAD (Stuart Greenfield)

Class IRC Div 3

1 PANACHE (Chris Hornsey)

2 CAPITALISM (Tim Harrington)

3 MOONLIGHTER (Stewart Hawthorn)

Class IRC Div 4


2 OLIVIA ANNE VI (Derek Morland)

3 DISKO TROOPER (Julian Hall/ Rob Garlick)

Class Sigma 38

1 RED ARROW (RAF Sailing Association)

2 LIGHT (Robert Denning)

3 MEFISTO (Kevin Sussmilch)

Class Sigma 33

1 JUPA (Julian Spencer-Smith)

2 SUMMATION (Tim Wright)

3 BOUNCE BACK (Martin Thompson)

Class X332

1 CARABISTOUILLES 2 (Edouard Wylleman)

2 X-FACTOR (Russell Hodgson)

3 ACANTHUS EXABYTE (Armando D’Amico)

Class Bowsprit

1 MOONTIGER III (Tim Gabriel)

2 JOS OF HAMBLE (Roger Williams)

3 MOOSE ON THE LOOSE (Mervyn Gutteridge/ Duncan Money)

Class Mumm 30

1 ASTERIX (Louise Browne)

2 MAD COW HYDE (Darren & Georgie Baker)

3 ROYAL THAMES (Malcom McKeag)

Class Cork 1720

1 S.T.B.D. (Russell Peters/ Stu Robinson)

2 LE BOUCHON (Riley/Cropper/Humberstone)

3 FULL PELT (Stephen Fein)

Class Hunter 707

1 THE SWEENEY (Charles Whelan/ R Hall/ P Green)

2 BETTY (Johnathan Powell)

3 THE ANT HILL MOB (Russell Mead)

Class Sportsboat

1 RATTLE AND HUM (James Ives)

2 RUSTLER (Robin & Jill Stevenson)

3 TARKA V (Hugh McAdoo)

Race 2

Class IRM

1 FAIR DO’S (John Shepherd)

2 EL GRINGO (Nicholas Hartshorn)

3 TOO STEAMY (Nick & Anne Haigh)

Class Mumm 30

1 POGO BOGO (David Knight)

2 ROYAL THAMES (Malcolm McKeag)

3 HIGHLANDER III (Gregor Logan)

Class Cork 1720

1 LE BOUCHON (Riley/Cropper/Humberstone)

2 BOATS.COM (Ian Atkins)

3 S.T.B.D. (Russell Peters/Stu Robinson)

Class Hunter 707

1 PANIC V (Borge Leth)

2 TIGER FEET (John Cooper/Ian Townend)

3 BETTY (Johnathan Powell)

Class Sportsboat

1 RATTLE AND HUM (James Ives)

2 RUSTLER (Robin & Jill Stevenson)

3 TARKA V (Hugh McAdoo)