Amer Sports One and Team Tyco are just 11 miles behind leader

Illbruck still retains the lead following another night of position-jostling behind. Grant Dalton’s Amer Sports One has had a cracking few hours overtaking Assa Abloy and previous race leader, Team Tyco.

Team SEB well to the east, just 100 miles from the Mauritanian coast, is currently 132 miles behind the leader. However, she’s now in slightly more breeze and her boat speed is up to 9.8 knots which is presently faster than any boat on the fleet.

Team Tyco have converted a handsome lead into a 20 mile deficit and having been overtaken by Amer Sports One and News Corp.

Once again Amer Sports Too shows the best 24-hour run with 226 miles, now even 11 miles better than their closest rival djuice.

Position Report Day 11, 1554 GMT


2 equal AONE (11 miles behind leader)

2 equal TYCO (11 miles behind leader)

3 NEWS (13 miles behind leader)

4 AART (18 miles behind leader)

5 DJCE (60 miles behind leader)

6 ATOO (68 miles behind leader)

7 TSEB (132 miles behind leader)