There is now only one mile between the leading two boats in the VOR

As the afternoon draws to an end, Team Tyco is closing up on illbruck as the VOR fleet head south towards the Cape Verde Islands. There’s now just one mile between the leading two boats with Assa Abloy three miles in their wake. Team News Corp has let Amer Sports One through but with just three miles between them the game is still wide open.

Once again Team SEB, well over to the east, is in a fresh 14 knot breeze which is allowing her to increase her speed to 11 knots – by far the fastest boat in the fleet this afternoon. The all-girl team aboard Amer Sports Too is also stepping out and are now only 43 miles behind the leading boat.

So, with all the boats gradually catching up on the leader, the likelyhood of the race starting again, is looking more and more possible. Watch this space.

Positions 1600GMT

1st illbruck

2nd Team Tyco

3rd Assa Abloy

4th Amer Sports 1

5th Team News Corp

6thAmer Sports Too

7th Djuice Dragons

8th SEB