illbruck has lost some ground and is now only 40 miles ahead of Amer Sports One

The Falkland Islands are right between two schools of thought with illbruck leading the westerly pack of Tyco, News Corp and Assa Abloy and Amer Sports One leading djuice on the eastern side.

Amer Sports One has gained three miles on illbruck since the last position report, and both she and djuice have been maintaining higher boat speeds of one to two knots more over the period.

According to illbruck, this split decision has been caused by two of the weather models disagreeing. One indicated that she should stay on course, or even slightly high and wait for a front to bring some running conditions and the other showed that they should reach into the back of the old front and avoid the light spot between the two. Time will tell which was the right decision.

Amer Sports Too has under a 100 miles to Cape Horn and should round later today.

Position Report, Day 17, 0359 GMT


2 AONE (40 miles from leader)

3 TYCO (66 miles from leader)

4 DJCE (75 miles from leader)

5 NEWS (84 miles from leader)

6 AART (92 miles from leader)

7 ATOO (524 miles from leader)

8 TSEB (1,003 miles from leader)