The Volvo Ocean Race fleet have hit another wind hole on their dash across the Atlantic

After picking up some good speeds for a few hours, the Volvo Ocean Race fleet have hit another wind hole on their dash across the Atlantic. It has mean’t some good news for djuice who has managed to reduce their distance to the leaders to 104 miles; they will be seriously hoping that this weather pattern disappears before they too reach it, to avoid falling further behind the fleet once again.

Elsewhere, Amer Sports One and News Corp, locked in their own personal battle, have managed to halve the distance they were behind SEB over the last six hours, now; they are just six miles behind her. Meanwhile over on the other two yachts battling it out, Assa Abloy has managed to make a little more distance over her rival Tyco, still holding onto second position, a mere two miles ahead. This has also meant that she has made a little on the leading illbruck too.

The last few hours of fluky wind shifts have made for trying times all around the fleet, Gunnar Krantz on SEB has just written, ‘a few hours ago we went through a small trough with a wind shift to the right of about 90 degrees. Two hours later, after sail changes, tacks and endless work of shifting sails we were all, at that stage in the pouring rain, convinced of that there must be another sport we can do. Now, when we are back on track again we are already talking about new races.’ With a forecast of some steadier winds, hopefully the fleet will start to make good progess for La Rochelle once more.

Race Position Report, Day 10, 0418 GMT


2 AART (33 miles from leader)

3 TYCO (35 miles from leader)

4 TSEB (55 miles from leader)

5 NEWS (60 miles from leader)

6 AONE (61 miles from leader)

7 DJCE (89 miles from leader)

8 ATOO (rtd with broken mast)