Team Russia's Volvo Ocean campaign remains uncertain as an emotional crew depart Singapore

Ten days after they arrived in Singapore to reveal that the Team Russia campaign was in financial trouble, the Humphreys-designed Kosatka has slipped anchor and motored out of Singapore en route to Africa.

As Kosatka slipped away in the torrential rain other teams were returning after the Christmas break. PUMA is already back in the water, Green Dragon is measured and the rigs have gone back in on the Ericsson and Telefonica boats. Some of the sailors have even returned to work, signifying the official resumption of normal business in the Volvo Ocean Race in readiness for the in-port racing on Sunday 11 January.

Team Russia Watch Captain Nick Bubb summed up his crew’s feelings:

“None of us know how things are going to work out now but it seems stupid that we have most of the key parts of the project in place such as the vast majority of the budget, a competitive boat and an ambitious crew, but can’t quite close the circle. I have become passionate about this campaign and so am not prepared to sit and do nothing.

We need another 1.5 million euros to finish and I intend to chase down every opportunity to help keep it afloat. The boat is going to Cape Town to be ready to head across to Rio should we get money to restart there, or if not, then either Boston or Galway are options.”

Skipper Andreas Hanakamp added, “We will try and secure more funding but in the current economic climate, it is difficult to get anyone to make quick decisions. It is personally very disappointing because I was looking forward to the long leg to Rio, but it is a professional game and I was just doing a job so we have to get on with life.

“We are hoping that we can secure more funding and can be back in the race in Rio or Boston. There is a lot of activity on a round the clock basis finding sponsorship and hopefully we have found companies that might say yes, but are not saying it quickly.”